HM Land Registry has launched a Property Fraud Alert Service in order to help prevent property fraud. The service functions by sending out an email notification each time there is any significant activity logged by HM Land Registry in relation to a property. This could be as dramatic as the Land Registry receiving an application to transfer a property following a sale, or at the lower end, following receipt of an application to change the name or address recorded on a property’s title.

Once a notification is received the property owner then has the opportunity to contact HM Land Registry if the owner believes that the activity is fraudulent, in order to prevent the application from proceeding.

The service permits the monitoring of up to ten registered properties in England and Wales and can also provide for the monitoring of the property of an elderly family member or friend.

Owners of properties that are particularly at risk of fraud are those that are:

  • Empty
  • Rented out
  • Mortgage-fee
  • Not registered with HM Land Registry

We would strongly recommend that owners of such properties sign up to the Property Fraud Alert Service.

If you would like further information in relation to registering with the Property Fraud Alert Service or applying to register your property at HM Land Registry, please contact a member of our property team who will be happy to assist.