Mediation is a way of resolving family disagreements. It involves meeting with the Mediator and your former partner to allow you to discuss the issues between you and hopefully come to an agreement together. The Mediator is an independent and neutral party and will not give advice to either of you. She will help you to discuss matters with your former partner to help find a solution for both of you and any children you may have.

Meetings usually take place with both of you present (although in some circumstances it is possible for you to be in separate rooms – “shuttle mediation”). Meetings usually last for 1½ hours and the number of meetings required will depend on the issues that you have to sort out. It is common though for people to need between 3 to 5 meetings. The sessions take place at a time to suit you both so matters can progress as slowly or quickly as you both wish.


Before any application can be made to the Court regarding financial matters or for issues that have arisen in relation to children, you have to attend a MIAM (Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting) Appointment with a Mediator. This meeting usually lasts around 30-45 minutes providing information about mediation and other forms of dispute resolution to see whether there is any alternative to progressing to Court.

Catherine Longshaw is qualified to undertake these meetings. You can attend the MIAMs meeting alone or if you choose you and your former partner can attend together.

The cost is as follows:-

  • If you attend alone the cost for you will be £100 plus vat
  • If you attend together the cost will be £75 each plus vat

You can refer yourself to a Mediator whether or not you have instructed a solicitor.

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