Employment Law – Fixed Fees

Unfair Dismissal/Wrongful Dismissal Claims Costs

These charges relate to providing advice and representation at the Employment Tribunal in cases involving unfair or wrongful dismissal.

Our charges are made on an hourly basis and are typically charged between £175 (Trainee Solicitor) and £375 per hour (Partner) depending on the person that is dealing with your matter.

Whilst our total fees will vary depending on the complexity of your matter, our fees are charged on average between £5,000 – £7,500 plus VAT for proceeding with your matter to the Employment Tribunal stage.

The work will be carried out by qualified solicitors. In the case of any part of the work delegated to trainee solicitors or non-qualified solicitors they will be overseen by a qualified solicitor of suitable experience.

Additional Costs

In addition to our fees, there are likely to be additional costs called disbursements. These are fees and charges that we will need to pay on your behalf as part of the claim process, such as barrister’s fees and expert fees (if necessary).

A barrister may be required, for example, to provide an opinion on the merits of success of your claim from the outset.

The cost of such disbursements will vary depending on the complexity of your matter and how far your matter progresses.

In normal cases, the Employment Tribunal rules are that each party must bear their own legal costs, but there is a small risk that you would have to pay any legal costs to the opposing party if the claim is lost.