June 2018

Break Clauses: A Tenant’s Guide

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A break clause or break option serves the function of allowing one or both of the parties to bring the term of a lease to an end prematurely. Whilst not all landlords will be willing to give a tenant the option of terminating the lease early, a break clause is seen as beneficial by many [...]

Uninsured Risks: A Tenant’s Guide

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Jeremy Pow Most leases of commercial premises oblige the landlord to insure the building against a specified list of insurable risks, usually including fire, explosion, storm and so forth, subject to cover for such risks being available upon reasonable terms in the insurance market. The examples of such risks which can be subject to [...]

May 2018

Restrictive Covenants on Termination of Employment

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Post termination restrictive covenants are often imposed on employees once their employment has come to an end with their employer. This is to protect the employer’s business from any potential harm caused by the employee exploiting any knowledge gained to their advantage in any future employment. There are four main types of restrictive covenants: Non-solicitation [...]

MWW’s Catherine Longshaw attends Resolution’s NO FAULT DIVORCE campaign outside Parliament

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England, UK . 17.5.2018. London . Parliament. Senior family lawyers call on the Government to reform outdated divorce laws and end the blame game as landmark Owens v Owens divorce case heads to the Supreme Court.Licensed for editorial and PR use free of charge in connection with this event, all other rights reserved.Copyright [...]

A Day in the Life of a Trainee Solicitor

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Sam Alder describes a typical day in the life of a Trainee Solicitor at Monro Wright & Wasbrough. Sam is currently in his first seat in the Private Client department. 9:00am – 9:30am After what is always a crammed journey into work, I start off by making a strong cup of coffee. I then [...]

MWW Garden

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Associate Solicitor Mike Acton and Residential Property Specialist Mari Thomas spend their lunch break doing some DIY in the MWW LLP garden. With summer on its way, Mari and Mike decided that the garden could do with a bit of love and attention to allow staff members to make better use of it. We'll [...]

Do I need a Cohabatation Agreement?

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If you are not married or in a civil partnership and have chosen to move in with your partner, it is advisable to enter into a Cohabitation Agreement. The number of unmarried couples has doubled since the mid 1990’s but the legal status in unchanged. Many unmarried couples mistakenly believe that if they are [...]

Does Waggott v Waggott spell the end for ‘meal ticket for life’ spousal maintenance?

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In the court of first instance, Mrs Waggott received an award totalling £9.76 million and £175,000 in annual maintenance payments for life. Mrs Waggott appealed the decision on two grounds: Mr Waggott’s ‘earning capacity’ was capable of being a matrimonial asset to which the sharing principle applies, and: Whether it was fair that she be [...]

New Faces

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MWW are delighted to welcome Catherine Longshaw as our new Head of Family. Catherine is a solicitor with nearly 20 years experience. She is also a trained mediator and collobarative practitioner and continues to be an active member of Resolution.    

Only Mums & Dads

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Read the article written by Mike Davidson and Ali Granville (Associates in our Family Law department) which can be accessed in full here. I HAVEN'T SEEN MY DAUGHTER FOR OVER THREE YEARS, WHERE DO I START? You should start by attempting to discuss with your daughter’s Mother why she is not letting you see your daughter. If [...]