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Periodically we post useful download documents to highlight recent legal changes – find them all here:

Probate Court Fees Increase

The Ministry of Justice confirmed on 24th February 2017 that the Government will shortly proceed with their proposed increases to Probate Court application fees.
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Shareholder Rights

As a holder of shares in a private Company incorporated in England & Wales you will have certain rights depending on the percentage of your holding in the issued share capital of that Company.  The document below, whilst not intended to be an exhaustive list, provides examples of some of the more common rights exercised by shareholders.
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Vulnerable Beneficiary Trusts

A Trust (also referred to as a Settlement) is a legal structure whereby one or more individuals (known as the Settlors) transfer the legal ownership of financial assets or property (referred to as the Trust Fund) to another group of persons (known as the Trustees) to be held by the Trustees on behalf of and for the benefit of another person or persons (known as the Beneficiaries).
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Lasting powers of attorney – guidance note

A Lasting Power of Attorney (referred to throughout this note as a “LPA”) is a document by which another person or persons is given the authority to act on your behalf if you are unable to do so yourself.
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The PSC Register – revised 09/16

The Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act 2015 (Act) introduces significant changes to UK company law as a result of the Government’s efforts to improve corporate transparency and help combat tax evasion, money laundering and terrorist financing.
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Stamp duty land tax on buy-to-let and additional properties

Investors should be aware that the SDLT on such properties will be 3% higher than
the current rate for properties worth in excess of £40,000 from 1 April 2016.
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Employment update – Shared Parental Leave

As a result of the Children and Families Act 2014, parents of children born or matched for adoption on or after 5 April 2015 will have significantly different options in terms of parental leave.
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Employment – Rates and Limits

A guide to employment compensation limits and minimum awards, parental leave payments, sickness absence payments, and the National Minimum Wage (February 2015).
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Chancel repair liability – a continuing headache – revised 01/15

This is a headache which started in 855 AD when King Ethelwulf, the father of King Alfred, granted to the church the right to receive taxes or “tithes”. Some medicine has recently been prescribed but, sad to say, the pain still persists.
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Guidance for employers: Avoiding the employment tribunal

Despite the implementation of new rules which mean that employees have to pay a fee when they issue proceedings in the Employment Tribunal, it is likely that there will continue to be a significant number of claims against companies following the dismissal of employees.
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Executors’ & Personal Representatives’ Duties

If you are asked to be the Executor of someone’s Will, or become their Personal Representative (‘PR’) as their next of kin, what does that entail? The short answer is that you will be required to take on responsibility for dealing with the assets in that person’s Estate following their death, and ensuring that those assets are correctly distributed once all taxes and debts have been paid.
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Trusteeship – An Overview

A Trust (also known as a Settlement) is a legal arrangement whereby assets are held by one Party (known as ‘the Trustees’) for the benefit of another Party (known as ‘the Beneficiaries’). Legal ownership of the assets in the Trust resides with the Trustees, but those assets must be managed for the sole benefit of the Beneficiaries of the Trust.
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A Trust (also known as a Settlement) is a legal arrangement whereby assets are held by one Party (known as ‘the Trustees’) for the benefit of another Party (known as ‘the Beneficiaries’). The terms of the Trust are recorded either in a Will or a legal document known as a Trust Deed. The Trust Deed will specify (amongst other things) who the Beneficiaries of the Trust are, what their entitlement to the Trust’s income and capital is, and how long the Trust should operate for. The Trust Deed will usually also state what powers the Trustees have to manage and administer the Trust.
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Fixed fees for an undefended divorce – revised 01/17

In the case of undefended divorces we can offer a fixed fee package for all steps from initial instructions through to Decree Absolute i.e. the end of the divorce process.
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Divorce Procedure – revised 06/16

The only ground for divorce is the irretrievable breakdown of a marriage. Below are the stages of a divorce from the original Petition to the Decree Absolute (which is the final Court Order confirming that the marriage is at an end).
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Financial Remedy Procedure – revised 06/16

Before parties can apply for a financial remedy (unless by consent) they are to explore the scope for resolving any dispute through mediation before embarking on the Court process. They should therefore attend (either separately or jointly) a Mediation Information and Assessment meeting as the first step or explain why that is not possible or appropriate.
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New Tax On Company-Owned Residential Property – revised 11/15

The Finance Acts of 2012 and 2013 included a number of changes to the way in which high value residential property is taxed. The legislation is designed to discourage buyers from buying and holding residential property using corporate entities in order to secure a tax advantage. It appears that the Government’s intention was largely to target foreign corporate owners, but the rules were in fact extended to make UK companies subject to the provisions.
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